About Us

Butterfly Walkers Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness while educating individuals with lupus and their families who do not have insurance and/ or have limited funds to pay medication and treatment, on the resources they can use to get treatment. We are here to push for early diagnoses by raising awareness of the symptoms to others that will lead to early diagnoses, and raising funds for research in hopes of finding a cure. Judith Mills CEO and Founder is a Biomedical Scientist graduate of UMDNJ maters program, she is an adjunct professor of Biology and College success Seminar, and brilliant speaker. She shares her love of science to her students and teaching them techniques towards a successful college degree. As a patient herself, she lives life everyday with hope, unwavering faith, and optimism that one day her fight will conclude in a cure for the disease. She fights for the unheard and live for the willing and a woman of exceptional courage, vibrancy, and indestructible determination. Ms. Mills created Butterfly Walkers Inc., as comprehensive non-profit team that has been dedicated to raising funds for lupus since 2003. She has been recognized as a key volunteer for the Alliance for Lupus Research and Lupus Foundation of America (New Jersey chapter) and has been featured in Herald news, Record, Blackman Can and, Rizzar online magazine etc.

Mission Statement

  • Promote awareness of Lupus to women of color including African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians who have a higher risk of developing lupus.

  • Education on dealing with autoimmune disease in a support group setting to provide health and nutrition education to others; targeting schools, hospitals and women's groups.

  • To put pressure on local and national health authorities to treat Lupus diseases with the seriousness deserved in the national health care delivery system.

  • Advocate for patient rights this influence will help local and national health authorities to treat lupus as a serious illness. Butterfly Walkers Inc. strives to have specialists provide educational speeches to doctors and patient families.
  • Vision

  • To improve the quality of life for Women of color living with Lupus.

  • To provide important resources (medicine, rheumatologist, dermatologist, etc).

  • Fund research for treatments in hopes to finding a cure